About the Editors


Jennifer Kuhn
Executive Editor

Jennifer is a writer/editor based in the DC Metro area. She holds a master’s degree in Publishing from The George Washington University. She has written for 303 Magazine (Denver-based fashion magazine), The Frisky, Southern Writer Magazine, and numerous other publications, and Jennifer is a freelance editor. Jennifer taught writing at Montgomery College and worked as a substitute teacher in multiple school districts in Connecticut. She enjoys the rigors of a full-time career in nonprofit STM publishing, attending conferences and networking with other publications professionals, and reading. Before beginning her career in publishing, Jennifer was a nanny! She has worked as nanny in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland, caring for dozens of children in total, including twins, triplets, and children with learning and social disabilities.


Whitney Tang

Executive Editor

Whitney is an freelance writer and graphic designer based in the Chicago area. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Loyola University of Chicago and is currently working toward her MS in Graphic Design. Whitney fields all design aspects of Nanny Magazine along with any executive decisions which she shares with Jennifer. Before launching her career as an editor for Nanny Magazine, Whitney was a nanny for many years. She has been featured on Regarding Nannies and has written for Be the Best Nanny. Her childcare career spanned through various ages, genders, and abilities. Her favorite thing about being a nanny was the mess making; it’s where she credits all of her creative skills with the magazine.