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I'm Not Sorry for Having a Nanny

One mom writes about her experience hiring a nanny for the first time, and how grateful she was that Ionela came just in the knick of time. "That evening after she left I said to my husband, “I don’t think she is coming back tomorrow.” I was prepared to have to call the agency first thing to let them know we needed someone new. But to my surprise, the following day she showed up at 7 a.m. sharp, ready to work."

Keys for a Successful Nanny Share (As Told by Two Moms)

For some parents, a nanny share (arrangement wherein two separate families share and pay one nanny) is the most cost-effective and convenient solution for childcare. Bonus: built-in playmates for families with only children! "When first-time mom Nicole planned to return to work as director of strategic accounts for a commercial interiors manufacturer in New York City, she figured a nanny for her 3-month-old son would be the best fit for her and her husband’s schedule."

The Do's and Dont's of Nanny Attire

Some families ask their nanny to wear a uniform, but most don't. If your nanny shows up wearing dangly earrings, high heels, and red carpet attire, you may want to ask her to swap her duds for something more practical. A fashionista ex-nanny explains what's appropriate for nanny-wear, and perhaps more importantly, what's not okay to wear on the job.


Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me before My First Day as a Nanny

Told from a nanny's perspective, this glimpse into what it takes to be a nanny is eye-opening for parents. "I couldn’t remember ever being this emotionally drained – even when working 60+ hours a week in the corporate world."

What to Bring up at a Yearly Nanny Review

"Reviews do not have to be terrifying." Enough said. This article offers a useful glimpse into what to expect during a yearly performance review. And yes, you should have one, no matter how busy life gets.

10 Things I Wish Nannies Knew about Online Profiles

One mom writes about all the things she looks for in a nanny's online profile. Excellent food for thought. "If you're 25, the nanny course you took when you were 11 doesn't count."


16 Things a Nanny Should Know by the First Day on the Job

Great news. You've hired your new nanny and she starts tomorrow. "The first day of work for a nanny can be exciting and stressful at the same time." Here's what you should have prepared for the new addition to be able to do a good job with your family.

Nannies: The Best Childcare Option

Decisions, decisions… Should you choose a daycare or a nanny? "As with most major decisions, many factors must be taken into consideration. However, after closer inspection, it is clear that nannies can offer everything a daycare does and more." You be the one to decide.

10 Things a New Mom Can Learn from a Seasoned Nanny

Veteran nannies have raised a kid or two over the years. Often they come with specialized training and education, to boot, and make a great choice when deciding who to hire. Find out some of the things new parents can learn from professional nannies.


To Friend or Not to Friend? That Is the Question!

Social media brings up so many questions. Should you be friends with your nanny on Facebook? Follow her on Insta? Stalk her on Twitter? Read more…

I'm a Nanny, Not a Babysitter. And Yes, There Is a Difference

The age-old question: what's the difference between a nanny and a babysitter? If you have to ask, you need to read this explainer article. No shame in learning something new!

A Note on Boundaries

Author Savanna Fox was once asked, “Can you bartend our party?” There are limits to what's fair and what's not. Read more to find out where nannies generally draw the line.

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