Get to Know NM’s Celebrations Issue!

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By Amanda Dunyak, Editor in Chief of Nanny Magazine

The October-December 2017 issue of Nanny Magazine is all about celebrations! What are you celebrating this season? Are you a nanny who’s engaged or getting married? Did you get a promotion? Are you celebrating an important birthday or milestone? This issue has you covered for how to throw a shower, a party, a catered event, and working with event planners.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we want to send a special thank you to all the amazing contributors who made this issue a success. We made several new author and photographer friends with this issue thanks in large part to the Rising Tide Society and Honeybook's community app. Much like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire creative community to build a magazine. We are so thrilled to have been able to bring so many people's publication dreams to life with this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind issue. We hope you're celebrating with us. And without further ado, take a look behind the curtain to see what's inside the latest and greatest issue.

1)    Poetry: My Nanny and Me: Author and nanny Nicola Manton writes a cute and heart-warming poem from her charge’s point of view.

2)    Mr. Manny: The Three P’s of Potty Training, Part One: Manny and Behavior Technician Matthew Lister gives us his expert advice on the important qualities a child needs to be successful at potty training. Stay tuned for Part 2 in the January 2018 issue!

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3)    Nannies Ask: In this month’s Nannies Ask column, Stephanie Felzenberg of Be the Best Nanny offers advice to a nanny wondering if it is appropriate to invite her charges to be a part of her wedding.

4)    One Book, Endless Activities: Author Kandice Cole, who has been both a teacher and a nanny, tells us how we can take one book (In this case, Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr.) and plan a whole week’s worth of lessons around it, and for various age groups, too! Activities focus on colors, math, comprehension, predictions, movement, and more!

5)    Every Last Dime: A heart-warming story about how one NannyFamily gave their nanny the ultimate gift for her wedding in the most thoughtful of ways!

6)    Ask an Agency: Rebecca Pearcy of Windsor House Nannies in Austin, Texas answers some of our readers’ questions about applying to and working for an agency. This month’s questions are on such topics as drug testing, health benefits, and length of experience in the industry.

7)    Kids’ Health: Dr. Jessica Richards returns for another month of addressing concerns regarding your pediatric health. This month, winter is the focus as one nanny asks how to get a charge who despises the colder weather outside and moving during the cold of winter.

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8)    Enhancing Education at Home with Theme Days: Elementary school teacher Pamela Hodges (follow her at Little Learning Moments) tells us how to create a whole week of lessons and activities based around one central theme. Super Heroes, Zoo Animals, Autumn, Columbus Day? You pick and let her handy little guide help you come up with some fun-filled activities to do all week.

9)    In Search of a Good Night’s Sleep: Rachael Kullmann, Switzerland-based sleep coach of Sweet BabyDreams, breaks down what is typical for most children by age regarding sleep habits. She tells us what to expect and how to aid children into forming healthy sleep habits throughout their life. If you work for a family with an infant or have ever thought about becoming a sleep consultant, you’ll want to read this article right now!

10) Bridal Shower on a Budget: Blogger Danielle Smyth offers tips on how you can plan a beautiful bridal shower on a tighter budget by making some of the décor and favors yourself! Flowers, garland, candy… super easy and still very classy for the big day celebrating the bride! Check out Danielle’s tutorials at Shout out to connecting with Danielle through the Rising Tide Society, a Facebook group for small businesses in the creative industries.

11) How to Know You’re with the Right Agency: Our own Jill Ciganek tells us why picking a nanny agency to help nannies in their job search is a good option and how you know you’ve chosen to work with the RIGHT one by outlining important details and red flags a nanny should be alert for during the application and interviewing process. This article is eye-opening for agency staff and owners as well. Are you the kind of agency nannies (and families) want to engage with? Find out!

12) My Big Day, Their Big Day: Nanny Sasha Pensanti shares the loving story of involving her two adorable charges in her wedding from the time of her engagement and through to the planning process. It’s always a beautiful thing when a nanny has this sort of close relationship with the little people she helps to raise every day and can involve them in one of the biggest days of her life!

13) Catering 101: Kimi Abdullah, founder of Petojo Food & Catering, offers anyone planning a big event some tips on how to choose the right caterer for their big day. Researching and asking for references are only some of the important steps to take when choosing a caterer. Whatever the theme, whatever the budget, follow Abdullah’s advice to ensure you choose what’s best for YOU! Nanny Magazine connecting with Kimi via Rising Tide Society, as well!

14) This issue’s fashion column focuses on photo shoot style. Irene Abdou, a photographer in the Washington D.C. area, offers her expert advice and tips on how to get the best pictures during your photo shoot, whether it’s with your own family or your nanny family. Abdou offers advice on color coordination, pattern mixing, formality, as well as other resourceful tips to make your photos come out looking gorgeous! We met Irene at the Bethesda, Maryland Tuesdays Together event, part of the Rising Tide Society. We’re super grateful for the collaboration. Make sure to check out Irene’s website at

15) Moonlighting: Is it Worth It? Leah Kirk takes us into the world of nannies who work side jobs, and it’s more than you think! Extra babysitting, retail, direct sales, Etsy shops… nannies are literally doing it ALL just to help make ends meet, save for goals, and plan for fun.

16) Decorating with Paper Flowers: Meaghan Keck of the event décor and design business, Birch Affair, gives us some insight on using handmade paper flowers in lieu of the real thing for your next event. Keck offers ideas on how to get creative or how to keep it simple, as well as a tutorial for making your own. These flowers will turn out so beautiful, your guests may not even realize they aren’t the real thing! Best of all, she used to be a (drumroll please) nanny! Make sure you check out her website at Birch Affair Event Decor. (Another win for the Rising Tide Society, where we found each other and it’s been amazing ever since!)

17) Organized and Stress-Free Wedding Planning: Planning any party can be full of stress and anxiety, but when planning what may possibly be one of the biggest days of your life, you don’t want to get lost in the hustle and bustle, forgetting what really matters and not being able to enjoy the moment or all of the hard work you put into it. Kimberly Lehman, owner of Love, Laughter and Elegance Wedding and Event Planning offers some of her expert advice on how you can stay sane and eliminate some of the stress during the event you are planning. The main thing to remember is: you are not ALONE! Ask for help! And breathe!

18) Product Review: Editor in Chief, Amanda Dunyak, knows how crazy life can get as a nanny (especially if you’re moonlighting in other areas as well), so she knows it’s important to have a sturdy and reliable planner to keep track of all of the day to day craziness in her personal life and at work. She offers some very honest reviews on some of the hottest planners out there, for all budgets!

19) Our beautiful cover was submitted by Rachel Glidden of Alex and Rachel Weddings. Connected, once again, through the wonderful Rising Tide Society, we are happy to have Rachel's gorgeous photo as our cover for this issue!


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