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Nannies against bullying

Responsible for raising the next generation of an upstanding global community, we refuse to stand by and allow bullying to poison the world around us. 

Find anti-bullying resources and sign your name to take a stand against bullying.

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Your Charges: The Bully and the Bullied

Nip bullying in the bud. As a nanny, you're in a unique position to make a change early in your charges' lives.

Raising Kids to be Caring, Compassionate, and Kind (free article from Nanny Magazine)

Resource link 2: Psychological effects of bullying

Resource link 3: How to tell if your charge is bullied

Resource link 4: When your charge is the bully

Resource link 5: Modeling positive behaviors

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Dealing with Prickly People

It's all about being the bigger person. Take a stand against bullying by knowing how to respond to it in action.

Resource link 2

Resource link 2

Resource link 3

Resource link 4

Resource link 5

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Tell the world you're taking a stand against bullying

Place one of these badges on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest pages. We also have some suggested social media posts for you to share to let people know you're a caregiver who means business and who won't tolerate or support bullying.

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Sign your name to the Nannies against Bullying list

We don't all have to be friends, but none of us should be bullies. Sign your name to the Nannies against Bullying petition to let the world know you're a caregiver who cares and stands in opposition to bullying. View a list of other caregivers who've already signed their names and add yours now.


This anti-bullying effort is sponsored by Nanny Magazine and The Nanny Love. To sign on as an official sponsor, contact info@nannymag.com.