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Next Issue Theme: The SIBLINGS ISSUE

Publication Date: 7/15/2018 (preorder by 6/25/2017; item will ship by 7/15/2018).


  • A very special interview with Stephanie Felzenberg of the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter! We've loved Stephanie for years and will show you why you should too!

  • Nannying for an only child: we hear from two nannies who themselves were only children as they nanny for singletons today.

  • Housework hacks you won't want to miss. Any urban nannies dealing with a laundry crisis? Read this!!

  • Defining your personal brand. Our Mr. Manny contributes a roadmap for how to stand up and stand out as a childcare worker, starting with inner reflection.

  • Get outside! We have nature walks for children of all ages, whether located in suburbia or the heart of the city.

  • Summer writing challenges for kids. Bust out the pens and notebooks and let imagination take over while school's out.

  • Summer in the City is back! Jill Ciganek covers most major U.S. cities that are bringing the fun for kids and adults this summer. Time to explore your urban back yard with the littles!

  • Should you move to another city or state to stay working for your NannyFamily? Nannies have a unique challenge when faced with this question. Find advice in this issue's dilemma.

  • And then there were two: how do parents and nannies prepare a child to become the older sibling? It isn't always as easy as it seems.
  • This issue's food explores exciting ice cream roll-ups and perfect outdoor picnics, perfect for children and caregivers. Plus, DIY popsicles that are sure to please the kiddos in your care.