The Exceptionalities Issue (Print)

The Exceptionalities Issue (Print)




  • Kids these days seem more stressed out with too much in their schedules. How's a nanny to cope with busy children? Learn how nannies can take notice and come to help.

  • We jump into the Artful Educator's product line to make learning the alphabet fun for young children. 

  • We interview Phillip Clark of ENABLE Special Needs Planning. Learn the story of how his sister with Down syndrome inspired him more than he could ever know.

  • Does your charge (or their parents) have high hopes for stardom as a child athlete? Learn how to support athletic children.

  • STEM Galore! Nannies can play an active role in getting the children in their care to take interest in science, technology, engineering, and math... laying the groundwork for successful and high-paying careers in the future.

  • April is Autism Awareness Month. One mom and nanny writes about her experiences raising two boys with autism, and how that taught her to be a better caregiver for other people's children.

  • Gifted and talented children often misunderstand nonverbal social cues. As a nanny, it's important to be aware so you know what to do if you encounter a child like this. Social Scouts in Los Angeles teaches us how to engage in activities to help these kids understand the unwritten, unsaid cues of modern communication. 

  • Pancake art. Grab the syrup and get ready to bring in spring with this colorful recipe. 
  • Nanny Mena recounts a tale of horror. Her charge suffered a serious health incident on her watch, and then she was fired! Names are changed in this piece. Well written, this is a powerful read that will bring a tear to your eye.
  • Focus on food allergies. Food & You: Friend or Foe? Plus, the Allergy Chef brings three meals that will meet the needs of allergy-prone kids. 


Original publication date: April 2018

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