So You Have (or Need) a Nanny...

What do you need to know?

Hi there, MomBoss/DadBoss. AKA "MB" or "DB," as nannies refer to you. Nanny Magazine has curated information just for you to give you an extra hand on your journey of working with a nanny to raise your children. Let's make the experience with your family's addition as good as it can and should be because a positive #NannyLife makes for a happy, healthy home life for your entire family.

Nanny FAQ for Parents

Deciding to hire a nanny to help with your children in your home is such a personal, difficult decision. Hiring and managing a nanny isn't easy, either. Find answers to frequently asked questions about hiring and managing a nanny here.

Free Articles for Parents

Roll up your sleeves and dig into Nanny Magazine's article archive. We've curated the best of the best articles and content with relevance of specific interest to parents, whether it's your first time hiring a nanny or you're an experienced pro.

Being a Good Employer

When your nanny is happy, appreciated, and cared for, there's harmony in your home. Showing appreciation for what Nanny brings to the table creates a win for your entire family. Give your nanny a welcome gift she'll adore.


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