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Nannies are working to shape the future generation of our world, and Nanny Magazine is working to support nannies in that most-important work. As a young, self-published, niche magazine, we depend on you to help spread the word about this truly unique resource so that we can continue to serve you as a voice in the world that so often forgets that nannies have needs. You deserve a magazine all your own. When you share the word about Nanny Magazine with your friends, colleagues in nannyhood, employers, and social media network, you are helping your magazine find better footing in the community so that we can in turn enrich the field. 

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What has Nanny Magazine been doing to become a leader in childcare resources?

our volunteers are working around the clock to create something nobody else is making

We believe in community, sharing ideas, fostering creativity and collaboration, and supporting nannies by legitimizing their work. We believe in being there for each other, effort and dedication, and having passion for the work we do. That's why we've been working tirelessly to bring you Nanny Magazine, the only magazine for nannies in the U.S., informed by feedback from real readers. We've been busy to make this magazine better for you because we believe nannies should have a publication of their own too.

amanda dunyak head shot.jpg

We appointed a brand new editor

In early 2017, Amanda Dunyak was appointed as Nanny Magazine's new Editor in Chief, replacing the former editor of four years. Dunyak has over 15 years' childcare experience and 4 years' experience as a magazine editor, making her the perfect steward of #NannyLife. Read more about Amanda's qualifications here.

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We improved our design elements

Past fonts and design layouts were reportedly sometimes difficult to read, both in print and on-screen. With the 2016 volume, we brought in new fonts and design schemes to improve the reading experience. The new fonts and designs won't cause readers to strain their eyes.

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We created new efficiencies

Now, subscriptions, renewals, and digital access are easier than ever before. We brought in new volunteers to help meet our publishing goals, and are more excited than ever to get to know them while publishing the highest-quality magazine for you.

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We brought back print

In 2015, NM made the difficult choice to abandon print issues due to expensive production costs. Most of our readers kept asking for their print issues back, so in 2016 we made it happen, re-opening print subscriptions while maintaining our less-expensive digital subscription access. Learn more about subscriptions here.

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We got a brand new website

Although we had some good times with our old website, we think our new one helps us meet our readers' needs more easily, and presents a cleaner look and a more-welcoming environment. Best of all, we got to keep what made our last website amazing: free articles for nannies.

A Note about Why We Exist

NM is a small volunteer-run business; everything we have put together for you has taken months (sometimes years) of work. People ask us all the time, “why do you do this if you aren’t getting paid?” The answer is simple: we do it to support the nanny community. We do it because we care about YOU. We do it because nannies have an important job and have so few resources. It’s an often-thankless job behind the scenes, so we just want to express our sincere thanks for your support of our growing small business. It means so much to us and our entire nanny community.

Terms and conditions

This offer is subject to change. Rewards are only available for first-year subscriptions placed through Nanny Magazine's website and not through affiliate programs.