About Nanny Magazine

Nanny Magazine  is the premiere publication for American nannies. 

Nanny Magazine is the premiere publication for American nannies. 


We salute you, nannies

Nanny Magazine's readers are nannies who care for kids ranging in age from newborn through age 18. The magazine covers everything from a nanny's relationship with their charges to their complex relationship with the parents. The magazine offers provoking features on hot topics such as gun control and obesity, advice for nannies who are experiencing ethical dilemmas on the job, and nanny's personal life, including everything from the psychological issues of loving a child who is not your own to the confusing issues about tax laws and legally binding contracts. Nanny Magazine regularly publishes an Ask-a-Mom column, news blitzes, product reviews, craft ideas, and creative tips for educational fun.

Print publication for Nanny Magazine launched in 2014 and continues to publish print and digital editions. And, as always, we will continue to bring you FREE crafts, recipes, surveys, advice, and support through www.nannymag.com and all of our social media platforms.



Nanny Magazine works with new and established authors and photographers. To submit, please carefully review our contributor guidelines to get started.

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