Nanny Magazine Interviews Lindsay Slutzky About the New GPS Tracker for Children, Jiobit

by jill ciganek.

Being released for pre-order this June, Nanny Magazine wanted to sit down to talk to Marketing & Sales rep for Jiobit, Lindsay Slutzky, about the new GPS tracker for children. A product both nannies and parents alike can get on board with, we were eager to learn more!

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Slutzky.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Slutzky.


Nanny Magazine: Hi Lindsay, thank you so much for talking with Nanny Magazine about Jiobit today! To start off, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with Jiobit?

Lindsay Slutzky: I’m mom and stepmom to 4 boys (ages 14, 12, 3, and 2). I’m also the CMO of a Chicago based tech startup, Jiobit. A little over a year ago the company I was working for was being absorbed into its parent company. I thought that was my opportunity to test my hand at stay-at-home parenthood, at least temporarily. Around that same time, I was approached by a former colleague who told me a scary, but familiar story about how he lost his 6 year old at a crowded park for 30 minutes. His search for appropriate tech solutions came up short and that’s when he decided to solve this problem himself. He recruited me to lead marketing and I was all in. As a mom of 4, I certainly know that this problem exists. This opportunity allows me to help other families and keeps me connected to kids and parents.

NM: What exactly is Jiobit and how does it work?

LS: Jiobit is a wearable location tracker made specifically for parents and kids. It’s small, lightweight, and securely clips onto clothing and accessories, working with a parent’s smartphone app to deliver notifications about the child’s location. We use a combination of radios and sensors to track kids in every location: indoors, outdoors, in multi-level buildings, and even in over 120 countries! There are no limits to where we can track. This technology also allows us to optimize battery consumption and we can get over a week of active use on one charge.

NM: This seems like something everyone with a child could use!  Especially with summer coming up and nannies and parents taking their kids to crowded theme parks and other anxiety-inducing locations!  Anyone who's cared for a child knows how quickly things can happen. So, where did the idea behind Jiobit come from?

LS: It was inspired by a real-life parent-panic moment. Our CEO and founder, John Renaldi, lost track of his 6 year old son at a very crowded park in downtown Chicago. We’ve all been there, when you turn your back for a second to find that your child has quickly wandered off. It’s terrifying. John never intended to start a business, but when he tried out several kid trackers he was disappointed with the options. The products were big and bulky, with terrible battery life and tracking limitations. John is a former Motorola executive and a tech geek at heart. He knew he had the resources to solve this problem and that’s what we’re doing!

NM: Is there anything else like this on the market right now?  If so, how does Jiobit differ from those products?

LS: Yes, there are a few devices on the market that can track kids. As I said earlier, these products are big and bulky (wristwatches) with horrible battery life and tracking limitations. Most products are optimized for outdoor use only. Jiobit is small and discreet, lasts over a week, and will track in every location.

NM: Is this something you think any nanny or parent could easily learn how to use?  Can multiple caregivers for the same child use the product (i.e. Can nanny, parent, grandparent, etc. all have access)?

LS: Definitely! In fact, there’s a feature on Jiobit that allows a parent to invite other trusted caregivers to also watch the kids. So, if I want to give my nanny access to track my child while he/she is in their care, I can easily do that by sending a link that my nanny can download.

NM: Is it compatible with several types of smartphones?

LS: Yes, it will work with any Android or iOS smartphone.

NM: Nanny Magazine has readers and nannies that work all over the US and internationally.  What areas will Jiobit service?

LS: Jiobit will work in over 120 countries. There are no limits to where you can track and it doesn’t matter the distance between the parent and child. At launch, we will only be shipping product in the US.

NM: Is there anything else you'd like us to know about Jiobit? 

LS: Jiobit works on a subscription service. We haven’t announced pricing yet, but the monthly service cost will be comparable to Netflix. When we open for pre-sale, we will be offering a very discounted annual subscription.

NM: When will Jiobit be available for purchase and where can we find out more information?

LS: We will open for pre-sale this June! Check out for details and to be notified when it’s available to order. The earlier you order the better as we’ll have early bird discounts and we’ll be shipping on a first come, first served basis!

NM: Thanks for sharing information about this great new product with our nannies today. Just for fun, since you're a mom, do you wish to share any recent funny kid-related stories with us? We love commiserating about the hilarious and sometimes crazy antics our kiddos get into on a daily basis! 

LS: Oh, there are so many, but since we’re in the trenches of potty training, I guess I’ll share this one: My 3.5 year old has FINALLY decided that big boys go in the potty… or the yard. This is how we’ve inspired him to ditch the diapers. As you can see, my other son looks pretty interested, so hopefully I can get them both out of diapers this year!

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Slutzky.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Slutzky.