Festive Fall and Haunted Halloween Decorations

Check out our pinterest board for picture tutorials!
Check out our pinterest board for picture tutorials!

By jen webb.

The leaves are turning an array of colors and there is a crisp chill to the air. Fall has arrived and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to start decorating for the festive Fall and haunted Halloween.  Take a look at these creatively fun filled decorations to spice up this holiday season.

Fall Decorations:


Paper Bag Scarecrow: Fill a paper bag with crumpled paper, add some yarn for hair, make a face, and decorate. Put on the windowsill for a fancy fall creation.

Leaf Shaped Sun Catcher: Using contact paper cut out a leaf shape.  Use colored tissue paper to decorate. The to the window and watch the kaleidoscope of colors.

Leaf Wreath_4
Leaf Wreath_4

Leaf Garland: Collect colorful leaves from outdoors or cut out leaves from construction paper and decorate with crayons or glitter and string them to make a garland. Hang along the windowsill.

Front Door

Leaf Wreath: Make a wreath using colorful leaves collected from outdoors and hang on the front door.


Fall Tree: Buy fall color fabric paint (orange, red, brown, yellow, etc) and on a plain white sweatshirt create a fall tree using your charges handprints as the leaves.

Halloween Decorations


Spider Web Valances: Using a hot glue gun, attach plastic spiders to white laced fabric. Drape the fabric as a valance along the top of the windowsill.

Window Clings: Purchase reusable window clings of halloween shapes (ghosts, black cats, pumpkins, etc) and stick them to your window for a spooky festive window.

Jack-o-lantern Jars- Paint different sized jars with orange sun catcher paint.  Use black paint to draw eyes, nose, and a mouth.  Put a small candle inside the jar.  Place the jack-o-lantern jars on the windowsill to create glowing jack-o-lanterns in the night.

White Pumpkins_4
White Pumpkins_4

Baby Pumpkin Ghosts:  Purchase 3 small white pumpkins or paint 3 small pumpkins white. Write the letter B on the first pumpkin, O on the second pumpkin, and O on the third pumpkin to spell BOO! Place on the window sill.

Front Door/porch

Picture Frame Lanterns: Nail together four inexpensive picture frames to make a square.  Make halloween drawings on vellum paper and insert them into the frames.  place a lighted candle inside the frames.  Arrange them on the sides of the front door.

Jack-O-Lantern: The famous jack-o-lantern! Create a happy, creepy, or stylist jack-o-lantern with your charge and put it on the front porch!

Painted Pumpkins: Paint a spooky pumpkin with your charge and place it on the front porch.

Milk Jug Ghosts: Use an empty 1 gallon milk jug and fill it with glow sticks.  Draw a face with a black marker! Place on your front porch at night for a glowing ghost.

Milk Jug_3
Milk Jug_3

Black Cat: Do you have a black front door? Decorate it to look like a cat with construction paper! Create giant round green eyes, a red triangular shaped nose, and silver whiskers.

Frankenstein: Decorate your front door to look like Frankenstein!! On the backside of two paper plates use a black marker to make circles for eyes!  Cut green construction paper into strips for the hair and use black construction paper to make the mouth.

Dinning Room Table

Halloween Decorative Plates: Paint your own halloween plates. Pick up ceramic plates at the dollar store and use ceramic or glass paint to design your plates with halloween designs. This is great decor to spice up the dining room table.

Colorful Baby Pumpkins:  Purchase small pumpkins to paint with your charges.  Put the decorated pumpkins in the center of the dinning room table.

Candy Corn Bowl: Fill a bowl with candy corn and place it in the center of the table for decoration.

Stairway Banister

Garland: Place garland on the stairway banister with orange christmas lights twirled around it.

Charges Bedroom Door

Monster Door: Decorate your charges bedroom door to look like a monster using construction paper to make the hair, nose, and mouth and 2 paper plates to make the eyes.

Ghost Door:  Does your charge have a white bedroom door? Decorate the outside of the door to look like a ghost! Use construction paper to make the eyes and mouth.

Candy Corn Door: Put orange construction paper at the bottom 3rd of the door,  yellow construction paper in the middle 3rd of the door, and white construction paper at the top 3rd of the door.  For extra decoration draw big eyes, nose, and a mouth on the door.