Homemade Herbal Ginger Orange Tea

Courtesy of Katarina Gasic
Courtesy of Katarina Gasic

by katarina gasic, MS, RD

We’ve just passed the season of cookies and cakes galore! Although these sweets are delicious and hot chocolate is always a crowd pleaser, this quick, easy, and most of all delicious tea is a tasty way to overcome our holiday sugar coma. The orange peels provide a subtle sweetness and the ginger adds a nice kick that will warm you up in an instant. In addition to the great taste, this tea makes a wonderful gift for anyone you forgot to shop for! The weather outside may be frightful but this tea is so delightful! Enjoy!


  • 2 tablespoons ginger root, dried and ground
  • 3 tablespoons orange peels, dried and ground
  • 4 tablespoons mint leaves, dried and ground
  • 12 empty coffee filters to cut to shape and use as tea bags


  1. Mix the ginger root, orange peels, and mint leaves in one small bowl.
  2. Fill each of your homemade tea bags with 2 teaspoons of the mixture.
  3. Store the tea bags in a dry cool place until ready to use. Recipe makes about 12 tea bags.

*Note: If you are unable to find the ingredients already dried and ground at your local grocery store you can dry the ingredients yourself. It doesn’t get any easier.