Part One: Embarrassing (But Hilarious) Nanny Confessions

by chelle cochran

What a Stinker!

“I was going to the bathroom in a public restroom with a two-year-old boy. The lady next to us went poop. He said ‘It really stinks in here!’ and tried to look under the stall to find the source of the smell. I have never tried to get out of the bathroom so fast!” -Molly in Michigan

Workin’ It Out

“When I was caring for four children (triplets plus a singleton), the family was having a renovation done on their house. There were workers everywhere. The kids always wanted to come into the bathroom with me and rather than have them open the door on me while the workers were there, I’d just bring them into the bathroom with me. The kids were potty training at the time and would cheer me on while I did my business. The workers were very amused by this because they could hear the kids yelling and cheering, saying things like ‘Seweh doing pee pee!’ that they started to clap for me every time I came out of the bathroom. Mortifying!” -Sarah in New York

Nude as the News

“I had a DadBoss come home from work and tell me he could tell I forgot to put my purse up high. I asked how he knew and then I saw the trail of opened tampons on the floor. I was 17 and extremely embarrassed! I also once accidentally saw DadBoss naked. It took us both a long time to look each other in the eye after that incident!” -Jody from Georgia

So Snippy!

“I was playing dolls with my (then) three-year-old charge. She started saying how she wished she could have a little brother or sister. I replied with ‘Maybe one day you could be a big sister, you never know!” She quickly spouted, ‘No! Daddy’s doctor took his boy thing away, so now we can’t have anymore kids!’ I had a hard time keeping a straight face in front of my boss for the rest of the day.” -Briana from Texas

McStinky Bathrooms

“We were in McDonalds just the other day and the five-year-old boy I watch was going potty and said ‘You don't have to stay in here because it smells really stinky!’ He said it so loud that others could hear him and we all started laughing.” -Ally from California

It’s Not a Contest When It Comes to Stinkiness!

“One time I had a kid tell his parents in front of me that ‘Natalie's toots were stinkier than Daddy's.’ I turned so red! But my MomBoss said everyone toots and sometimes even my toots are worse than Daddy's! Poor DadBoss, but at least I felt a little better!” -Natalie from Minnesota

Got a Funny Tale of Your Own?

If you have a horrendously embarrassing nanny moment you’d like to share for possible consideration, please send an email with your funny story, first name, and state to Chelle Cochran at

Photo courtesy of  Unsplash.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.