What’s for Dessert? A Cup of Worms in Dirt!

Ban_Dirt Worms Recipe
Ban_Dirt Worms Recipe

by lauren fillmore

One of my charges has a history of putting worms in his mouth. Yes, real live creepy crawlers. Even after explaining to him that eating worms can make him sick, he still wants to go ahead and do it. I thought it would be a good idea to share this sweet treat with him in hopes of getting him to quit going for the real deal. Now instead of going outside to dig for his food, he asks to help me make this recipe so he can enjoy eating worms without being scolded.

While the name of this treat may not sound appealing, a cup of worms in dirt was one of my childhood favorites. Before you cringe, don’t worry: this recipe doesn’t actually call for you to go outside and dig up real worms or dirt. Nevertheless, with the right ingredients your charges can still easily gross out their parents when gobbling this treat down.

What you need

  • Chocolate pudding (premade pudding cups work just fine)
  • Chocolate sandwich cookies
  • Gummy worms Cups (preferably clear disposable cups so your charges can see inside)


  1. The pudding acts as your “mud” and should be at the very bottom of the serving cup. If you’re making your own pudding, follow the directions on the box and put it in the fridge to set. If you are using the pre-made pudding cups, simply empty the contents into a clear cup or dish that is easy to eat out of.
  2. Mix a few gummy worms in to the mud; my charges have fun digging for them.
  3. Take a few sandwich cookies and put them in a sealed plastic bag and let your charge smash them until you have pieces of that cookie that are small enough to resemble dirt. Next, layer the cookie crumbs on top of the pudding.
  4. Last, add a few more gummy worms to the top. My charge likes to make the worms look like they are crawling out of a wormhole.

How easy is this? It is a nice quick dessert to make, especially when using the premade pudding cups. There is essentially no mixing or cooking involved, and cleanup is a breeze!

Have you eaten your worms today?