Nannypreneur Series Offers Advice and Inspiration for Aspiring and Current Nanny Moguls

photo via pexels

photo via pexels

By Jennifer Kuhn


Fewer things require more ambition than working full time raising (someone else’s) children and launching or managing an entrepreneurial endeavor. Let’s face it: spending eight or more hours with a houseful of youngsters can leave a person feeling utterly exhausted, physically drained, and ready to mentally check out (hello, Netflix, my old friend…). Over the years we’ve met and befriended so many full-time nannies with a bustling side hustle. Often referred to as “nannypreneurs,” they work hard to build a name for themselves in businesses in a variety of fields. And get this! Many of these business pursuits have nothing to do with #NannyLife.


This summer, Nanny Magazine will foster that spirit of innovation and entrepreneurialism, providing support and inspiration for nanny-owned business efforts, and celebrating the business successes of our fellow nanny community entrepreneurs. Stay on the lookout for our article series (5 parts!) to support fine-tuning business acumen the aspiring (or practicing) creative nanny mogul. Here’s what to expect:


·Toolbox #1: Tried and trusted resources. We’ve road tested some of our favorite free (or freemium) cloud-based or Web-based apps and tools, and we use them so much that we seriously think every new business needs to be using them too.

·#NannyLife Hustlers: Have a peek into the success stories of some of our favorite nanny-owned businesses. Plus, we’ll have a podcast just for YOU so you can get up close and personal with the nanny moguls behind the business. Find out what makes them tick and, perhaps more importantly, what keeps them ticking.

·Behind the Scenes with Nanny Magazine: It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it. We get personal and dish on what it takes to stay in business, from rocky beginnings to bright futures.

·Toolbox #2: We’re covering some of our favorites again, this time taking you on a tour of podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs or websites that offer tremendous value and education.

·Sharing Is Caring: Learn how to support businesses owned by nannies without spending a penny.


Stay tuned for the rest of the series, coming to you in installments over the next two months. Until then, enjoy some of reader favorites from our archive!