The Pacific Northwest All Star Nanny Conference is Coming Soon!

We all know there is the annual International Nanny Association conference, as well as Nannypalooza, and we can't forget National Nanny Training Day every April! For the nannies in the northwest part of the US, a new conference is coming to your area this September. Find out more about it here as we talk to Rachel Crittenden, one of the organizers of the All Star Nanny Conference.

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Wheeler.

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Wheeler.

What is the All Star Nanny Conference and how did it come about?

The Pacific Northwest All Star Conference came about after chatting with speakers and organizers of National Nanny Training Day Seattle. Hearing feedback from nannies and agencies that a more extensive, advanced conference was desired spurred us into action. It has always been the goal of the Northwest Nanny Association to bring as many educational opportunities as possible to our area. Hosting a large conference that brings together a diverse nanny community to learn from experts and each other was the natural course for us to take. We are lucky enough to have amazing supporters such as Annie's Nannies and Household Staffing, Stockwell Law Firm, Working Washington, and many more that have stepped up to help make All Star Nanny Conference a success.

What kind of speaker/workshops will you be having?

We have workshops that touch on every piece of nanny life. We have attorney Chris Stockwell coming to talk about employment law, JJ Horner will be educating us on tax and payroll law, and Lora Brawley will be focusing on nanny contracts and their importance.

We have classes on postpartum support, the in's and outs of feeding baby, and Malia Hudson of Heaven Sent Newborn Care will be teaching a class on what gear you need for bringing baby home.

We are also trying to focus on special needs families of all ages from birth toelementary children, discussing topics like early intervention, talking to parents about concerns you may have, and working with early intervention specialists. We will also have a class on IEPs (Individual Education Plan) and how it works when kids become more immersed in the education system.

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Wheeler.

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Wheeler.

We also have classes in yoga, meditation, and relaxation for nannies, because avoiding burnout it a major topic of discussion in ALL the nanny groups! We have personal and professional development classes, learning how to express who you are as a professional, and how to successfully market your skills.

At the end of the conference, we will be offering the INA Nanny Credential Exam for anyone who chooses to take it.

Why are these workshops important to nannies?

Our workshops are important to nannies because every nanny job is different and having the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to do our job to the best of our ability is universal. 

Who can attend and how can they register?

Anyone can attend! Nanny, manny, au pair, daycare worker, even parents and agency workers!

They can register here. And follow our Facebook page here.

What is the difference between this conference and INA and Nannypalooza? Should a nanny attend all 3 to optimize her professional development resources?

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Wheeler.

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Wheeler.

 I think the biggest difference between INA and ASN is that ASN is 100% planned and organized by working nannies, and the cost is considerably lower. 

I encourage nannies to attend as many conferences as they can! I attend Nannypalooza and the other organizers of ASN regularly attend INA. We even have a former Nanny of the Year on our team, Jenny Brown, who is an integral part of the nanny community in the Pacific Northwest.

Any other information you would like to share about the conference?

We are really excited to kick off National Nanny Recognition week with our 1st Annual Pacific Northwest All Star Nanny Conference! We hope nannies will join us to celebrate all they bring to the families they help and the communities they belong to!