5 Reasons Nannying Beats Working in a Daycare

Photo via Pexels

Photo via Pexels


by amber o’neil.

Nannies and daycare workers are very important for many families in helping parents raise their kids. Each arrangement has its pros and cons, but for this nanny, being a nanny beats being a daycare worker.


Reason 1. More Attention

Daycare workers deal with multiple families. A nanny works for one or maybe two main families (in the case of a nanny share). This allows the nanny to get to know the kids and the family really well over a longer period of time.

Reason 2. Personalized Care

As a nanny, we work closely with the parents on all aspects of childcare.  From the time of the interview to the end of employment, nanny and parents discuss child-related topics for the benefit of the kids. While parents and nannies may not see eye to eye on everything, they will work together for the benefit of the kids.

Reason 3. More Freedom

Another advantage to working as a nanny is the ability to go places with the kids.  Daycare workers, particularly those in the infant classrooms, typically don't escape the workplace at all during the workday. Yes, they may go on field trips from time to time, but you can guarantee that they will be at the daycare facility. As a nanny, I can go somewhere everyday as long as it is okay with the parents.

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Reason 4. Quality Time

One-on-one quality time is super important to me. Doing one-on-one care allows me to do an activity like art and check in on how the child is doing. Daycare workers will have several kids in the room at one time, and it is extremely hard to spend individual time with each child. One-on-one quality time is easy when there is only one child to take care of. This quality time becomes really vital when I work with sibling groups.

Reason 5. Better Pay

A final reason I love being a nanny is the pay. Nannies typically get paid more than daycare workers. For my area, daycare workers get paid about $12 or $13 an hour.  Because I have a college degree and experience, I get paid a couple dollars more.  Benefits vary based on the daycare or NannyFamily.

Being a nanny is a wonderful profession. Nannies and daycare workers are needed to help parents raise their kids, and both groups of workers deserve major respect. I love being a nanny!