Don’t Eat Me, I’m Not Kosher! (And Other Funny Things Your Charges Really Say) Part 2

Photo by Claran McGuiggan via Flickr Creative Commons.
Photo by Claran McGuiggan via Flickr Creative Commons.

by kasandra polowski

It’s that time again! Wait for nap, grab your coffee, and get ready to LOL with the second installment of the funny things your charges really say!

From Behind

“My sister nannies a ten-year-old boy. The other day he was trying to hit her with a ball and ended up throwing the ball and hitting the wall. Then the ball bounced off the wall and hit my sister and he yelled, ‘Oh my God, I hit it from behind!’"

-Sarah from Minnesota

  I Can Handle It

“The boys I nanny for are four-year-old twins. Well Kid 2 was calling Kid 1 names in the back seat. We were all telling him he wasn't being nice, but he wasn't listening. Then Kid 1 said, ‘You are a great big bully!’ Kid 2 instantly started crying and Kid 1 said, ‘I guess I handled that one, guys.’”

-Amber from Michigan

 Batteries Not Included

“One of my little boys a number of years ago was about two and a half years old when his five-year-old sister told him to turn on his listening ears. He promptly replied, ‘I can't; they need new batteries.’”

-Stacie from New Mexico

Angel Feet

“I was sitting on the couch the other day drinking a bottled water when my charge, who is two years old, said, ‘Nanny, what are you drinking? Is that soda?’ I said, ‘No, it’s water.’ He then says, ‘Nanny, you can’t drink beer.’ So I said, ‘No, Nanny doesn’t like beer. Where did you hear about beer?’ To which he replied, ‘Daddy drinks beer and it makes his face smell like angel’s feet.’ Angel is his dog. I about died laughing after this.”

-Kimberly from Massachusetts

 Tiny Home

“I once was taking my charges to the botanical gardens, and there was a cement enclosure at the entrance where a man was taking tickets. My three-year-old charge looked in and said, ‘Sir, your house is so very small. Where do you sleep?’”

-Cindy from Colorado

Jesus Is Santa

“My charge was talking about wanting a new toy. We were in the car when he said he was going to wish Jesus would bring him one. I said, ‘Jesus isn’t Santa. You can’t ask for toys from Jesus.’ Then he says, ‘I wish to Santa Jesus for him to bring me the toy, amen.’"

-Lindsey from Michigan