Ten Things to Do with Apples

Photo by iMaffo via Flickr Creative Commons.
Photo by iMaffo via Flickr Creative Commons.

by sarah long and lauren fillmore.

Now that fall is upon us, there is an abundance of apples, and so many fun things that you can do with them! We have created ways to play and learn with apples, as well as fun ways to eat them.


1. Apple Stamping

Gather apples, baby-safe paints, paper, and your charges! Cut the apples into halves and get to stamping; it’s a fun way to jazz up paper bags for decorating this fall!

2. Apple Seed Shaker

Collect apple seeds and create apple-shaped cutouts from paper. Staple the cutouts together, leaving a small hole to place the apple seats in. Finish closing off the shaker with the stapler and shake away! You can tape around the edges where the staples are to make sure nobody gets poked.

3. Painting Apples

Gather your apples and some kid-friendly paint and let the kids have a blast exploring their creativity.

4. Apple Art

All you need is some red yarn and glue! The kids can either trace the outline of the apple or freehand it. Either way, you are bound to have some wall-worthy art to display!


5. Apple Pass

Think hot potato but with apples! In a circle, pass the apple to your neighbor as quickly as you can. When the music stops, whoever has the apple is out of the game!

6. Apple String

Use an apple corer to remove the middle of the apple, and tie a string through the middle. Hang the stringed apple on a tree and have fun watching your charges try to eat the apple without using their hands.

7. Hide the Apple

This concept is like hide-and-seek but instead you will be hiding an apple. Take turns choosing who is the hider and who is the seeker. To give hints as to where the apple is, you can use the “hot or cold” method.

8. Apple Toss

Grab a partner and stand toe-to-toe facing each other. Toss the apple back and forth, taking a step back with every successful catch! See how far apart you can get, but be careful not to throw the apple too hard!

9. Trips to the Apple Orchard

One great fall pastime is going to the apple orchard and pick your own apples fresh from the tree. Do an online search for “pick your own” orchards near you. Be prepared to pay per pound for the apples you are bringing home. It may be helpful to bring your own bag to carry them home with.

10. Bobbing for Apples

Grab a big tub, some clean water, and a bunch of apples. See who can bite into the most apples the quickest! It’s best to do this activity outside for easy cleanup and use warm water so you don’t catch the chills!