Five Ways to Celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week

photo credit: via photopin cc
photo credit: via photopin cc

by heather cherry

Through all of the messy and sometimes chaotic workdays of being a nanny, you may feel a little less appreciated than you’d like. Often, employers take you for granted and fail to put you on the pedestal you so greatly deserve to be on. National Nanny Recognition Week is a great time to make up for all those days when it seems like you were the only one who knew just how much you’ve done. This week is definitely a time to splurge and indulge in all of the things you usually can’t do because of time or money constraints.

Spend Time with Other Nannies

Gather up your nanny friends and hit the town for either an evening out or a daytime lunch date. Use this time to chat about your life as a nanny and just how much work it really is. You could also gush about your crazy nanny stories that you haven’t had time to tell in what seems like forever.

Grab Some Screen Time

Maybe you want to stay in and have a relaxing movie night instead. You could rent your favorite nanny movies and have a marathon while indulging in your favorite snacks and a bottle of wine. Visit IMDB to check out the top ten nanny movies. Rent old favorites like Mrs. Doubtfire and have a laugh as Robin Williams takes on the task of becoming a woman or rent a Walt Disney classic, Mary Poppins, and watch how she so elegantly tends to the children.

Go Shopping

You know that time is always of the essence and having the right materials to better perform your daily tasks is important. Use this week to shop for some new professional development materials. Think about tools for child development, attend a seminar, or pick up some creative arts and crafts materials.

Take a Day Off

Maybe you’ve been dying to take a vacation day to go visit a friend, hit the beach, or even just relax. Now is the time to do it. Give your employer a heads up, and then let them know you need time to rejuvenate. This way you can be a better nanny when you return from treating yourself to whatever you choose for an entire day.

Spend Some Cash

You could really splurge and spend your hard-earned cash on yourself, just this once! Use a little of your savings to spoil yourself with a day at the spa or even a new outfit that will really boost your confidence. Stay within your budget, but don’t be too much of a penny pincher. You have worked so hard and this is a celebration!

Recognize Yourself

Use this time to celebrate all your accomplishments as a nanny. Not everyone can do what you do. There is no one else who knows your charge like you do (except their parents, of course), but relish in the fact that you are a master at your craft. You are responsible for your charge, and National Nanny Recognition Week is a time for you to be acknowledged, too, even if it only lasts seven days.