5 Reasons You Should Have Nanny Pride

Photo by __ via Flickr Creative Commons.
Photo by __ via Flickr Creative Commons.

by jada pickett

Every nanny has at least one treasured moment they will always cherish in their hearts. Whether it’s the day you witness your charge master a skill that you worked so hard on with them on, an outstanding report from their teachers regarding their manners, or the simple “thank you for all that you do” notes you receive from your bosses showing their appreciation, every nanny has a “proud nanny moment” and every nanny should. The nanny position you accepted is more than just a job and more than just a paycheck. There is a special kind of value behind your title that you simply can’t get in other areas of employment; for this reason you should wear your nanny hat with pride. In recognition of National Nanny Recognition Week, I'd like to propose five reasons for why you should be proud of yourself and your position as a nanny.

Be Proud That You Make Others’ Lives Better

Nannies play a pivotal role in the balance and organization of the entire household. For various reasons, now more than ever, both parents in a home are working full-time jobs. Nannies make it possible for both parents to stay active in their careers while their children remain safely at home in the care of a highly trained and experienced individual. Even families with a stay-at-home parent are attracted to having a nanny to allow them to have some sort of alone time that every parent needs occasionally.

Nannies make the lives of their employers better. Nannies make it possible for their employer to scoot out the door in the morning and head directly to the office, rather than having to deal with getting the kids strapped into the car to sit in traffic to escort them to daycare. Nannies make it possible for busy parents to spend quality time with their children instead of having to run errands on the weekends. For the families who employ them, nannies make the impossible possible. Shouldn’t you be proud of yourself for that?

Be Proud That You Have What It Takes to Be an Amazing Nanny

A fantastic nanny is a rare gem gleaming in the gritty dirt of common society, a true testament to personal greatness. There should be a superhero nanny, shouldn’t there? The characteristics, traits, and abilities that are needed to take on the role of being the closest thing to Mom and Dad while they are away are quite unique. It takes talent and skill that only some possess.

A great nanny is full of the energy needed to match any age range and any number of children. A great nanny can prepare for the day, planning meals, activities, and lesson plans, without breaking a sweat. A great nanny will take her long and often lonely days in stride; many work 10- to 12-hour shifts beginning as early as 6 a.m. without as much as a coffee break and nary another adult in sight. A great nanny keeps herself healthy, is reliable and prompt, and is willing to take one for the team time after time when her employer is late or when the children throw up in her hair again. All nannies must maintain a squeaky clean criminal background, driving record, and must have an immune system so strong that she can care for her charges when they are sick without becoming ill herself.

Nannies, do you hear me? Do you feel like you’re reading about yourself? If you’re managing to maintain all of these qualities, you deserve more than just a pat on the back!

Be Proud That You Can Leave a Mark

The imprint a nanny leaves on her charges is just as permanent as the one the charges leaves on her. Nannies are often the first to witness many milestones in a child’s life. Whether it’s their first word, step, bike ride, or jump, the nanny should know that she played a part in the development of that skill. The examples we set for our charges rub off on them in a positive light. To see them grow and perform the things that we reinforced and taught them is a huge reward and an accomplishment to be proud of.

Be Proud of Your Skills

There are not many people parents will leave their children with. Some parents will not even leave their kids with their own family. Nannies should be proud that their skills and expertise are valued highly enough that families trust us with their money, cars, homes, pets, and most of all, their children. Some nannies have college degrees, certifications in CPR/First Aid, are bilingual, ASL certified, and even apart of many nanny support groups that provide ongoing training. Don’t listen to what naysayers say. Nannies have skills that are worth bragging about.

Be Proud that Your Career Is Not All about the Money

There are many positions one can hold in the childcare industry, but one who pursues a profession as a nanny will quickly discover that what a nanny does for a family can be compensated for, but what a child does for that nanny is greater than any amount of money. Nannies are often undervalued by those who are not clear about what nannies really do. Some even feel that because a degree is not required in this field that it is not a valid career, that it is nothing more than a “glorified babysitter”. A nanny’s worth is high, and it can only continue to go up. You should be proud that you are not going into a job you hate every day, punching a clock, a nameless face in a crowd of cubicles. What you do matters. What you do impacts impressionable lives and leaves a meaningful impact. So from this point on, as you wake up and prepare for a fun day with your charges, be proud and know that although it may not be mentioned every day or as often as it should, the peace of mind you bring is one only you can provide when you enter that door. Every nanny should be proud to be a nanny.