How to Show Your MomBoss What an Awesome Mom She Is!

by latasha doyle.

As nannies, we all see the struggles of working moms, stay-at-home moms, and the difficulties associated with each. We see the sacrifices moms have to make for their kids, the tears in their eyes when they miss something big, the pride when they tell you what the kiddos are up to, and the relief in their eyes when you come back from a long weekend. We see sides to these women that most people never get to see: trying to rush out the door with a toddler attached to their hip, broken down in the middle of a divorce, or ecstatic over a new job opportunity.

Photo courtesy of Julie, Dave & Family via Flickr Creative Commons.
Photo courtesy of Julie, Dave & Family via Flickr Creative Commons.

We celebrate, grieve, grow, support, and encourage these women every day, and we constantly try to reassure them that they really are doing everything right. We know how hard it is for our MomBosses to trust a person so fully, and we are all grateful to the women (and men) who entrust their children to us daily. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, though, there are plenty of ways that we nannies can show our love for our MomBosses.

Write her a note. I write my MomBoss a note every year just so she knows that I’m thinking of her and that I know she’s doing a great job. It never fails to make her cry, but it’s worth a little sniffle to see her smile.

Have the kids write her a note. If the kids are old enough, have them write notes for their mom, or if they’re too young, find a cute note or poem and use their handprint or footprint as a signature. Of course, Mother’s Day crafts are always a hit, too, so get creative!

Take care of dinner. If you stay long enough during the day, take over cooking dinner (or any other meal) so she can kick up her feet and relax when she gets home.

Organize a “date” with the kids. If you have Mother’s Day off, set up a “date” with the kids and your MomBoss. Make it a scavenger hunt, just make reservations, or give them a gift card for a certain place or fun activity. She’ll love the thought you put into it and will appreciate getting out of the house.

Give her a much-needed break. Coordinate with your DadBoss or anyone else you know would like to take your MomBoss out for a night. This could be a fun surprise or you can tell her ahead of time that she’s going out. Watch the kids on a night you don’t usually watch them and let her have some mom time.

While these are fairly small things compared to diamonds or crazy gadget gifts, they will mean a lot more coming from you, the one person who can almost 100% relate to what she goes through as a mom. Taking time and effort say, “Hey, you’re doing a great job and I know you deserve this,” is going to make her Mother’s Day that much more special.