News Flash: INA's Conference, Quilt, and Partnerships

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The International Nanny Association is gearing up for its 34th annual Conference in New Orleans. From March 21st to 24th, over 200 people will descend into the Jung Hotel, just outside of the famed French Quarter, to experience informative workshops, hear inspiring presentations, meet new friends and old, collaborate on business ideas, and engage in group outings to further enhance attendees’ professional relationships. 

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Subscribe to the one and only print magazine just for nannies.

The INA is unveiling a brand new way to experience Conference this year, with a virtual registration. For a significantly reduced cost, virtual attendee can enjoy the keynote speaker’s address, Nanny of the Year luncheon, official business meeting, and select workshops in each conference track (agency, newborn care specialist, and nanny) from the comfort of their own home! Not all workshops will be recorded for later viewing, so the INA recommends tuning in LIVE to get the most out of a virtual registration!

Conference will also host the INA Nanny Credential Exam, as it has for the past several years; this year, the INA will introduce its Newborn Care Specialist Credential Exam. These exams were developed to evaluate a nanny's and NCS' practical knowledge of childcare and newborn care, respectively, so that the parents who employ them can have peace of mind knowing their chosen caregiver knows safe and healthy ways to care for their children. The Credential Exams will also have a new platform starting May 1, 2019, as the INA moves to an online proctoring platform. This means caregivers will no longer have to find their own proctor because a digital one will be available to them.

The INA’s committees have been hard at work this year: The Member Advantage Committee has generated new partners to offer discounts to INA members. The Education Committee has enhanced the INA Professional Webinar Series to include topics such as “Perinatal Depression in Men” and “Advocacy 101.” The Marketing and Promotions Committee unveiled the first annual INA Quilt project, for which members sent in pieces of fabric from all over the world, representing their geographic location, and the squares are in the process of being made into a full-sized quilt to be presented at our 2019 Conference. The INA Historical Project was started in effort to catalog the rich history of this organization. And, last but not least, the Board of Directors has been working on selecting an International destination for its 35th annual Conference in 2020.