Courtesy of  Faith Goggle from Flickr Creative Commons
Courtesy of Faith Goggle from Flickr Creative Commons

By Nanny Magazine’s Editors

Wowzers, 2015 got here FAST! And what a year 2014 was. For those of you who are new to the Nanny Magazine community, welcome to our second year of existence! It hardly seems possible that we already have our first year’s worth of issues under our belt. We were so thrilled to first meet you back in 2013 via social media, hang out with you all at Nannypalooza in Philadelphia, schmooze with you at National Nanny Training Day, and get to know you all on Facebook and Twitter. Allow us a moment to shed one tear of joy over all the goodness we got to share with you in 2014.

We aren’t ready to say goodbye to the year we were born yet, so relive the highlights with us and get your read on below!


This one has a special place in our hearts as our debut issue, available at our launch party in Chicago during December 2013. Our cover story featured Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, authors of The Nanny Diaries, which went on to become a smash hit at the box office starring Scarlett Johannson. This was our “Love” issue. We had so much fun doing our interview and photo shoot in New York City! Check out the table of contents and find out why it still makes our hearts skip a beat (hint: the breathtaking photography, the beautiful writing, and the fact that you won’t find this anywhere else may have something to do with it…).

See photos from our launch party photo booth here!


In February our Brooklyn-based nanny friend Savanna Fox brought us an important read on setting boundaries with your employers. Don’t let the job creep get the best of you! Read “Notes on Setting Boundaries” and share with your favorite nanny or even your MomBoss if you think things are getting out of control.


March was all about the money, honey! Our friend Stephanie Felzenberg of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter wrote a smashing article on money management, debt conquering, and saving up! Plus our quiz gave readers insights into their money mantras. Need more? Check out our interview with the founders of Care.com and UrbanSitter! We loved all over this entire issue and hope you did too!


We attended National Nanny Training Day. Did you? Kasandra Polowski helped make registering and learning more about this unique nationwide educational extravaganza easier for hard-working nannies by rounding up the highlights for her article “National Nanny Training Day 2014”. Keep this one in your radar so when NNTD15 rolls around you’ll be prepared to ask your employers for reimbursement.


The cover of our travel issue, published in May/June 2014, is our personal favorite of the entire year. What’s cuter than an adorable baby dressed up to jetset with a stack of fabulous suitcases behind her? We loved Jen Webb’s “Alphabet Summer” article (pro tip: these superfun activities don’t need to be limited to just the summer!) and were thrilled to meet our spotlight winner, Jacquie Olson of New Jersey. Seriously, this issue still makes us smile seven months later.


In June, we published a teaser on our website to introduce you to the activism-meets-art sensation that is The Nannyvan. Savanna Fox once again to the rescue. “NannyVan seeks to raise the visibility about what’s going on around the country, the issues domestic workers like nannies face, and provide pathways and guidance.” Read more in “What’s the NannyVan All About?”


Our July/August print issue went out to hundreds of subscribers. If you’re not on the list, you’re missing out on all the professional development advice we brought to the table. Also, we are obsessed with the cover image, courtesy of the super-talented Mackenzie Keough. Favorite articles in this issue included Stef Tousignant’s kid-sized career day activities and a riveting dilemma by Keyanna Barr: what do you do if the nanny next door is up to no good? Oh, and did you hear? Our professional development issue also had a free podcast!


In the dead heat, Nanny Magazine came to the rescue. We just barely squeezed this article, “6 Common Questions About Pumped Breast Milk Answered!” into publication during breastfeeding awareness month. Registered nurse Deborah Ziebarth sure knows her stuff!


September, September: a month to remember. Yes indeed thanks to author Ann M. Martin, who let us sit down with her in her Manhattan living room for a few questions and a photo shoot. What a lovely person Ann is! Learn what she thinks of nannies and why we love her ever so much! Our September/October 2014 issue also has a lot of laughs thanks to Erica Christopher’s uproarious insights into how sometimes the things nannies see with their charges are even scarier than Halloween.


In October we got the chance to publish one of our favorite-ever pieces on the website: “The Top 5 Ways You Know You Have an Awesome MomBoss”. Do you have an awesome MomBoss? Take a moment and email her the link to this article. Just whatever you do, don’t blame us when she greets you with an uncustomary level of enthusiasm when she gets home.


Holy smokes. We’re still in denial that our November/December 2014 issue even had the chance to happen. WE INTERVIEWED FRAN DRESCHER. Yes, that’s in all caps because that’s just how excited we still are about chatting with her backstage in her dressing room on Broadway. Read about her role and her thoughts on all things nanny. And yes, if you’re curious, the accent is REAL, people! Major props to Nicole Panteleakos for suffering through this interview and writing this story on ONLY THE BIGGEST CELEB IN #NANNYLIFE EVER!


December was a relatively quiet time around these parts, what with one of our editors having a baby and all. With that said, we’d like to welcome our newest junior editor to the team: Little C, you have a lot to live up to! You know none of our editors are paid, right? And you don’t mind giving up your mommy for a few hours a day? Okay then, cool. You’re hired!

Thank You!

We want to give a special shout out to all of our subscribers, supporters, and social media followers, and an even specialer (that’s a word, isn’t it?) to our dedicated street team members and contributors. As of this month, we say goodbye to the street team as a whole and welcome its members into new positions within the magazine. Here’s to a rockin’ 2015! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store. Stay tuned!