I Love Being a Nanny Because…

                                                             Nanny Magazine Editors

Courtesy of Flickr Commons Kumar's Edits
Courtesy of Flickr Commons Kumar's Edits

The nanny life is often thankless. Long hours working in nearly complete isolation and the fact that we can never be paid enough for our toiling are just a couple of reasons that make this a tough job. But this week, in honor of Valentine’s Day and all things love, let’s bask in a few of the top reasons that this job is totally the best.

  1. I love being a nanny because I am truly making a difference in the lives of my NannyFamily. I’m not just a clock-watcher, a time card-puncher, a faceless name at some big company. I matter. I am my charge’s everything while Mom and Dad are gone. And in ten years, after I’m no longer on their payroll, they’re still going to remember me and look back with fondness on our bond.
  2. I love being a nanny because I get to make a mess. No neat and tidy business suits for me. I wear what I want and show up at work in the morning prepared to get messy. Modeling clay? Watercolors? Baking up a storm? Bring it!
  3. I love being a nanny because every day is different. While we do have routines, I love the flexibility to be able to go out on a new adventure every day. Learning and exploring the world through the eyes of a child are truly the best, and no two days of growing are the same.
  4. I love being a nanny because I’m shaping the future of my community. I work alongside my employers to establish positive growth and development in my charges, knowing that one day they will cycle their positive energy and kindness back out into the world. Children are the future, and I take pride in my responsibility of shaping the next generation into upstanding citizens.
  5. I love being a nanny because I have a lot of trust invested in me. I’ve seen MomBoss’s bra and DadBoss’s medications, but I would never utter a word about this to anyone else. I value the respect my NannyFamily has for me and know that they let me into the privacy of their home knowing that I am there for them as a resource, not as a gossip mill. I love being trusted with the safety and wellbeing of the children, their most precious possession.
  6. I love being a nanny because I don’t have to sit in a cubicle all day. I get to chase after kiddos, stay fit and active, and have fun.
  7. I love being a nanny because I’m getting paid to interact with kiddos, and let’s face it, kids are way more fun than adults (most of the time, until your toddler charge throws the hissy fit of the century because she wants ice cream for breakfast).
  8. I love being a nanny because it’s the only job for me! I seriously could never imagine having any other career!

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