Quick Picks: 10 Ways to Show Your Charges You Love Them

Photo via MorgueFile.
Photo via MorgueFile.

by jen webb

Valentine’s Day, a day filled with love and gratitude, is here! Check out this list of ten things you can do to show your charges that you love them.

1. Slip an encouraging heart-shaped note into their lunch box.

2. Tell them how wonderful it is being their nanny and what you love most about them.

3. Make heart-shaped sugar cookies after school with them and have conversations about some of your favorite memories together.

4. Compliment their behavior, goals, creativity, etc., to boost their confidence.

5. Create a secret word that only you and them share to mean I love you.

6. Give them lots of hugs and always remember to give a hug before leaving at the end of the day.

7. Wear a bracelet or display a picture that they made for you. Make sure to tell them how much it meant to you that they made you a picture or bracelet.

8. Make Valentine’s Day cards with them.

9. Take them to their favorite ice cream store for a special treat and enjoy the time together.

10. Say so! Tell them you love them.