SOOOO Much to Smile About: NM Editors' News Flash

Take your pick and start reading Nanny Mag's beautiful full issues. Digital editions are FREE for subscribers! Howdy, nannies!

It’s the hap-happiest season of all—in the spirit of giving typical of this month, I’d like to take a moment to remind you that print is back and digital is FREE. That’s right. Make sure you sign up before 12/26 so that you can get your print copy before it ships out! Over the past year, we’ve heard from so many nannies that they really want print editions of NM, so we’re bringing it back for you. We know the price is a little steep for print, so why not ask MomBoss to front the cash and share the subscription? Or, if you prefer, you can read the entire magazine and all back issues online. For free.


This year, we received a record number of manuscript submissions and made so many authors’ dreams come true. That is why we spend the time and energy creating Nanny Mag.


A sneak peek of our January issue being designed by our editors!

What are we excited about for 2016? Do we have to pick just one thing?! Impossible! We can’t wait to share NM with a wider audience now that digital subscriptions are free. Hey, we know how it feels to save a few bucks here and there. We are also super proud to be able to introduce a few new columns in our full-length issues, including a “Legally Speaking” column by nanny-turned-lawyer Sterling Chillico. U.K. pediatrician and dad Dr. Colin Wong writes in from across the pond in our brand-spankin’-new Kid’s Health column. And we’re also bringing back our Mr. Manny column with a brand new male nanny writer whose voice is spot on and entertaining. We think you’ll love it.


Did you know that our staff is fully volunteer-run? None of us receive any sort of financial compensation for the countless hours that we invest in keeping this running. Although we do have high hopes of one day growing and expanding, we’re run fully on sweat equity right now.


Write to us in 2016 about what article types you’d like to see! We read all of our emails and love staying in touch with you.


Sincerely, your team of editors,

Jennifer, Amanda, Kerrie, Jill, Jo Anna, Michelle, Kaley, Amber, Josie, and Dawn