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How One Mom Solved Her Picky Eater Dilemma: An Interview with the Creator of Lunarbell Lunch

"I was fascinated by all the different ways food could be presented and created that I had never imagined. I made a few lunches with the food looking like some of her favorite animals and it was instant success. For the first time she was eating every bite on her lunch plate and so excited for the next day’s creation." Not every nanny or parent has the time (or the skill) to make creations such as these, but you have to be impressed at what this mom can do!

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Raising Children to be Caring, Compassionate, and Charitable

"It is up to the parents, mentors, teachers, and caregivers to recognize the potential in children to BE the caring, compassionate, and charitable children that we know they can be!" How can we teach the children we care for to be kind and compassionate amidst a world that seems to be in so much turmoil and filled with so much hate?

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