Why Aren't There Magazines for Nannies???

Photo via Unsplash.

Photo via Unsplash.


There are magazines for everything under the sun. Here at Nanny Magazine we are proud to be the only magazine for nannies! So we decided to share our top five reasons why nannies need a magazine of their own!

1. #NannyLife can be extremely alienating and isolating. We can go an entire day without speaking with another adult and in the case of working with newborns, no one at all. Without the interaction and encouragement of coworkers, we can feel very alone. Having a magazine of our own helps remind us we aren’t alone!

2. Almost every profession is offered development days, conventions, continued training and education, literature, and resources to improve their craft. The nanny world does have many of these opportunities at select times of year, but we believe professional development should be available all year long! Nanny Magazine provides convenient, accurate access to this, year round.

3. There are plenty of parenting magazines, family magazines, pregnancy magazines, magazines for children, but nothing for nannies. Nanny Magazine is the ONLY magazine of its kind. The unique perspective of loving children, nurturing them, aiding their education and play, providing healthy and fun nutrition, and the myriad other child-related topics from nannies, for nannies can only be found here.

4. Having a voice in the publishing world means we are adding credibility to the profession. One of the most common complaints we hear from nannies across the globe is that people tell you your job isn’t a “real” career. We beg to differ. Not only is it real, it’s challenging, exciting, and gaining more attention. One of our biggest goals is to support this community and prove how very “real” this career is.

5. This career is difficult. The challenges come from multiple directions. Whether it be communication with parents, legal battles with pay and benefits, temper tantrums, picky eaters, appropriate attire, energy draining, difficult conversations, discipline, or any other number of things, it can be tough. But this career is also full of joy and proud moments. We help you through those challenges and celebrate the joyful moments.

Did we miss any? Feel free to let us know! We hope you'll consider subscribing to the one, the only, the magnificent Nanny Magazine.

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