5 Children’s Books to Read in 2018

Photo courtest of Unsplash.

Photo courtest of Unsplash.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been an avid reader. When I was younger, my mother would take me and my brother to the library every single week; it was an adventure to dive into so many books and let my imagination roam. Reading has so many benefits and you have undoubtedly read hundreds if not thousands of children’s books. That is why I am always on the lookout for books that cover interesting topics and keep the book rotation lively for you and your charges. I found a few books that you should start reading as soon as you can. They cover everything from poop to engineering (yes, engineering!)  These books are recommended for children ages 1-4 yearsold, but can definitely be enjoyed by kids who are older or younger.

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1. Bloop, Bloop goes the Poop by Temara Moore

 Temara is an independent author and mother. She was having some difficulties helping her son potty train and decided to write a book to help him. She explains “going number 2” in a way that kids can understand. This cute book shows kids how quick and easy it is to go the bathroom while they are playing with their toys.



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2. Penelope Finds Her Perfect Fit by Rachel O. Williams and Kelley O. Williams

 This book is one of ten written by a mother-daughter duo to introduce science to children in simple, yet robust ways. In this book, the puzzle piece, Penelope, learns about what she loves to do. After a series of observations, she discovers that she wants to be an engineer. The book highlights all the ways that engineering is present in our everyday lives. The other books cover microbiology, paleontology, and more.


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3. Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering By Ruth Spiro

This book is a personal favorite for me and my daughter. Aerospace engineering is explained in developmentally appropriate ways, which is no easy feat!  It has great illustrations that show the importance of aerodynamics in things like airplanes, rockets, and birds. The author also has written other books for little scientists about quantum physics, coding, and gravity.


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4. Good Night Houston by Jennifer and Kyle Solak

Learn about the landmarks and places that make Houston unique in this bedtime book. It is a great way to incorporate social studies without it being boring our difficult for young kids to grasp. You can also do a lot of fun projects (think food, crafts, etc.) related to Texas!


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5. Besos for Baby: A Little Book of Kisses by Jen Arena

I discovered this book at my local library and fell in love instantly. After getting kisses from her parents, the baby imagines getting kisses from other things like birds, the sun, and butterflies. This book is written in English and Spanish, which is a great way to introduce bilingual vocabulary to young children.


Are you going to read any of the books from this list? What other children’s books are you excited to read in 2018?

Happy Reading!