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Why is it Easier to be Kinder to Another Person’s Child?

Sometimes, nannies who are also mothers find themselves being nicer and more lenient towards their Nanny Kids, and less so to their own children. Kimberley Roberts Benakovich, a nanny and a mother, writes about this anomaly that she experienced. Can you relate?

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The Art of Making Art a Habit

Creating anything is a beautiful, unpredictable, messy process. You start with an idea, you craft it into a form, you step away, you add to it, you love it, you add more, you hate it, you pull some back, you play and adjust until you decide it is complete. This is the beauty and struggle of creating art. This is what makes kids’ art equally critical and incredible. With every mark, stroke, and squiggle, we are witnessing their artistic process. They are honing their abilities to create. Graphic designer and owner of the Artful Educator, Kim Votruba-Matook, offers us some advice on how to let our little ones be creative and create wonderful works of art!

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5 Children’s Books to Read in 2018

Who doesn't love reading to their littles? Nannies are ever on the search for new books to keep it fresh and interesting for our charges. Kandice Cole offers us 5 books that she LOVES and recommends we start reading to the kiddos today!

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