Fun for Kids with Sensory Issues, Part 3: Mud Math

by nicole panteleakos.

Looking for some new activities to provide sensory-friendly fun for charges on the Autism Spectrum? In this sensory fun series we'll explore three activities to engage all five senses, especially touch, while reinforcing skills learned in the classroom for a whole new take on creative fun. Get your back-up outfit ready, nannies, and prepare to get messy!



Need some ways to combine practicing math skills and a fun sensory-friendly activity? Try mud math!


•Mud •Old paintbrush or long stick •Clothes for getting dirty

Wondering what mud math is? It’s exactly what it sounds like; after a few days of rain, head outside, find some mud, and do some math. If your charge is already learning to add and subtract, simply write math problems in the mud and let him or her solve them. If he or she isn’t quite there yet, find some rocks to use as visual aids. “I have two rocks. You have three rocks. How many rocks do we have altogether?” Or, for the littlest little ones, simply hide three or four rocks in the mud and ask the child to find them. “Great job! You found two rocks. There are two more. Find two more rocks!” An intro to the basic skills needed for mathematical success wrapped up in one fun, wet, gooey package.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.