Fun for Kids with Sensory Issues, Part 2: The Super Silly Shower-Bath

by nicole panteleakos.

Looking for some new activities to provide sensory-friendly fun for charges on the Autism Spectrum? In this sensory fun series we'll explore three activities to engage all five senses, especially touch, while reinforcing skills learned in the classroom for a whole new take on creative fun. Get your back-up outfit ready, nannies, and prepare to get messy!



Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

The tub: no longer just the place for washing hair.


•Bathtub •Water-friendly toys •Bathing suits •Bubbles •Bath paint (optional)

Put on a bathing suit and make the bath tub a place to play, especially on a cold or rainy day. Many kids, with and without special needs, enjoy the feeling of water and water play. So fill up the tub partway, turn on the shower (double the sensory-experience, and a great way to introduce die-hard bathers to the grown-up world of showering) and let the play time begin! Bring in bath toys, squirt guns, tub paint, bubbles… anything to add to the experience. Let your charge splash around and have fun, and when the tub has filled, the fun can continue until it’s time to be drained (a great visual transition warning for those who need it). Be prepared to get wet. You might want to keep an extra outfit on standby for this activity, just in case!

Note: This activity requires close adult supervision.

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