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Book Review: Think & Play the Social Scouts Way: Firefighter Leo to the Rescue!

Los Angeles speech language pathologists, Heather Marenda-Miller and Amy Wilhelm bring us a new idea for story-telling with our littles. Seeing first-hand how increased social time is impacting children’s speech and social development, Wilhelm and Marenda-Miller created therapy groups named “Social Scouts” where they teach children how to play, helping them to use their words to communicate ideas with others, and helping to enhance their social skills while inspiring creativity and imagination (from the official press release).

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Book Review: State of the Nanny by Louise Dunham

“More priority needs to be placed on the value of in-­home childcare arrangements to not only benefit children, but parents,” says industry expert and CEO of Placement Solutions, Louise Dunham. In her book, State of the Nanny, Ms. Dunham explains that many families would benefit from the provision of quality, in-­‐home care provided by professional nannies, who not only provide quality care to children, but help parents with the modern challenges of balancing work and family time. 

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