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The Pros and Cons of Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning is not a new concept, but important nonetheless. Baby-led weaning is a natural transition from breastfeeding or formula feeding to solid foods. It promotes exploration of food and allows baby to set the pace for eating. The method of introducing solids allows baby to self-regulate, promoting appetite control, and therefore decreasing the risk of becoming overweight later in life.

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Book Review: Think & Play the Social Scouts Way: Firefighter Leo to the Rescue!

Los Angeles speech language pathologists, Heather Marenda-Miller and Amy Wilhelm bring us a new idea for story-telling with our littles. Seeing first-hand how increased social time is impacting children’s speech and social development, Wilhelm and Marenda-Miller created therapy groups named “Social Scouts” where they teach children how to play, helping them to use their words to communicate ideas with others, and helping to enhance their social skills while inspiring creativity and imagination (from the official press release).

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Ditch the Pacifier: Effective Nanny-Tested Strategies

Paci, mimi, duda, mute button, binky, the silencer, pacifier. Whatever your preferred name, you know what it is. It’s your charge’s best friend... Author Candi Vajana talks ditching the pacifier. A practical must-read for any nanny of young children.

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