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How to Deal with Pesky Mosquitos this Summer

Mosquitos are especially attracted to the odors of young children. Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse offers some practical advice on how to keep those pesky insects away during the hot and humid weather, and how to calm the itchiness if you or your little ones get bit.

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Tips from a Travel Nanny

"Once on the plane and settled, I asked for the backpack of fun and distractions that were packed to keep a pair of two year olds happy and content for six hours (thus also keeping a plane full of people from hating us as well). Well, DadBoss accidentally misplaced that important bag…. the bag with everything we needed."

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Ditch the Pacifier: Effective Nanny-Tested Strategies

Paci, mimi, duda, mute button, binky, the silencer, pacifier. Whatever your preferred name, you know what it is. It’s your charge’s best friend... Author Candi Vajana talks ditching the pacifier. A practical must-read for any nanny of young children.

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